EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 182 of 195  
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Francesco Belcanto (ITALIA)

Dear citizens,
my plan for your city, EveryVille, starts from the necessity to realize an efficient urban and extra-urban net, and it is based on the possibility to make a collectivity grow like a “being in common” characterized by pluralism and diversity.
The real and virtual net is the only unchanging condition of EveryVille; apart from its next evolution, the city will have to assure both a capillary public transport, and a virtual wireless net. Their seat will be “Tower of the real&virtual Lines”.
In order to grow, EveryVille’s collectivity needs meeting places, where people find the best conditions to interact. From this, the idea to diffuse public services on the whole territory to stimulate diversities and encourage dialogue, has arisen. Public dimension spreading multiplies encounter and dialogue between individuals ...