EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 183 of 195  
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Hosung Won (ITALIA), Marcello Scaravella (ITALIA), francesca guarascio (ITALIA), ilaria maria camera (ITALIA), sabrina pella (ITALIA)
Collecting Greed in the Sprawl Box

The evocation of a real place of community is the preservation of value through the moderation of human’s greed. This is the real value that we should pursuit.
In other words, the landscape which community and nature harmonize united is the real value community.

What is the real place of community for humanity?
We think if we cannot live in the place where we build our environment, we cannot develop it, so what is the real value of the place of community?
The real value of the place of community should have
the character of local identity, the participation of citizen, eco-friendly environment, coherence and the memorial times.
We can say,” This solution is the multi complex community like as utopia.”
But this is not a solution.
This is only a part of an extension.