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Vincent McIlduff (UNITED KINGDOM)
With the expansion of a city comes opportunity, both social and economic. I come from Northern Ireland, a place littered with vacant and abandoned buildings. The idea of this expansion, the forming of an EveryVille seems viable where I come from, even in this time of economic recession. To achieve this I think we must look at what has existed on the site before, in the case of Northern Ireland Industrial buildings , some from the industrial revolution and mirrored in the site of where EveryVille is intended to be I imagine old Farming communities, buildings or even the remains of run down and unused linen or cotton industry. I think the new residents of EveryVille should remember what has existed before and how it failed in order to realise the way to the success of their new town. This central focus point of the new town should be inspirational but should provide a platform from which the new residents can help themselves push the social and economic advancement of the town forward.