EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 3 of 10
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Patrick Hoffmann (GERMANY)
EveryVille: Expect The Unexpected
The proposed strategies vary from subversive, guerilla-style to official and very obvious ones.
To offer face to face civil service a significant box moves around EveryVille, changing its location according to the time and the expected amount of activities. In the beginning it is clad with silhouettes of popular urban city halls to achieve maximum recognition. The cladding may be adapted to the city hall’s location and even removed in the course of time.
Other campaigns like the ‘Space Invaders’ take advantage of the huge number of temporary unused spaces. During their lethargy actors could use them for their own proposes.
There are also strategies that people might not recognize on the first view. ‘Detouring’ shall guide them unknowingly to certain events in Everyville and the ‘EveryGuerilla’ campaign promotes strange facts – sometimes just for hours – to strengthen peoples’ awareness of the qualities of EveryVille.
EveryVille is beautiful!