EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 4 of 10
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ilaria vigorito (ITALIA), alessandro sperduti (ITALIA), federica russo (ITALIA), laura patrizi (ITALIA), maria cristina orizzonte (ITALIA), caterina micucci (ITALIA), luca marinelli (ITALIA), zaira magliozzi (ITALIA), federica fava (ITALIA)
EveryVille is the result of SPRAWL. It is spontaneous, disorganized and scattered.
Now imagine a FLUX.
As well as a System of fluid connections and impulses links and feeds different parts of a body, in a city the space “IN_BETWEEN”, degraded and cheap, is ordered, qualified and regenerated by the FLUX, so that this space turns into an area where relationship, experiences and multicultural feelings take place. Here and in this way every citizen can feel himself as a part of a variable “community system” that becomes something different in order to supply individual needs. Only pursuing a philosophy of continuous interchange everybody can really feel at home. EveryVille can be everywhere. The FLUX is a method: SPRAWL phenomenon isn’t denied but qualified.