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robert bedner (united kingdom), giulia scaramuzzi (italy), julie landemarre (france)

Architecture is our response to finding ourselves HERE, between birth and death. Human life is tied to the planet through architecture. Spiritual questions and meanings are embedded deep in this relationship.

We still don’t recognize whats HERE, the intrinsic meanings associated with fundamental qualities: sky, earth, trees, light, shadow and horizon.

We believe that our future does not lie soley in a ‘green future’, or a ‘techno future’, or a future of fashion, style or art. The answers are HERE and nowhere else. The future lies in coming to terms, to arriving at, an understanding of our relationship to nature and these qualities that surround us throughout our lives.


A concrete roadway system that once dominated and disregarded nature is rethought and now supports and enhances nature. A ribbon of nature and construction makes it way over the old construction and the landscape.