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christophe rousselle (france)
Between sea and mountain, former Autostrada del Sole is similar to a long ribbon pressed on the natural relief. Alternately visible or hidden in the sides of the mountain, it adapts itself to difficult geographical conditions to slope towards the Mediterranean Sea.
The proposition consisting in getting back a section of this highway to transform it into solar park carries a tremendous potential of reappropriation for the local and tourist population. Nevertheless, it engages to a reflection on the sense of this place.
The water appears as a symbolic element, not only by the nearness of the sea, but also by it strong relation with the mountain. From there was born the idea to reuse the existing infrastructure of the highway to create a real canal on the natural foothills, goes out of considerable direction since the sea, by car or in path of trekking. This infrastructure in several dimensions, shining on the Calabrian coast, would become a vector of image and environmental protection.