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florent le corre (netherlands), gwenn rannou (netherlands)
Our proposal focuses on the viaduct sections of the decommissioned highway, and explores possibilities of reuse for its horizontal structure, which will no longer carry heavy road vehicles.
Networks of beams, going from one pillar to another, are revealed by removing the now unused roadway deck.
The empty volume in-between the beams, now exposed to the elements, can become the basic component, the frame work for the future Parco Solare Sud.
Each of these basic volumes can shelter different series of devices or experiments related to renewable energies (using water, earth, plants, sun, wind, etc), that can be removed, relocated, or replaced by future technologies or solutions.
All those eco-units or eco-samples composing the park can be as well combined, working together to create a bigger eco-system.
The viaduct sections structure become then a large scale canvas, for an experimental park able to evolve in time.