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federica caccavale (italy), alessandro casadei (italy), paolo pineschi (italy), massimiliano cafaro (italy)
A solar butterfly is the symbol of a biomimetic energy park.Biomimetics develops sustainable technologies inspired by nature.
The scales on the butterflies wings inspire lighting systems as termites mounds naturally cooled buildings and humpback whales wind turbines.
Moreover the butterfly is the symbol (butterfly effect) of the attention that must be paid to long term consequences of our actions, e.g. the traditional solar panels problems as high dismantling and production environmental costs, that can be reduced by using natural materials and techniques.
The butterfly symbolizes the intervention on the old highway too, seen as shell from which a new green system could grow.
The project creates the condition for nature to regain possession of the place, instead of adding a new layer, and blurs the difference between natural and artificial.
By using low impact, low cost, biodegradable systems (natural ropes, pioneer plants) the intervention encourages the growth of local vegetation.