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marcos castaings (uruguay)
Piezoelectricity as land-art & agriculture

Could we think of a project that empowers both the exuberant landscape and the imposing viaducts? Could we think of an artificial woodland that supports both an energy field and an event-like annual social agenda? Could we think of a technological device that operates both as a radically novel visual fantasy and piezoelectricity generator?

Growing energy* (at the Parco Solare Sud) bridges state-of-the-art technologies with the memoires of an (imagined) archaic landscape. Instead of any major infrastructural operation, Growing energy* relies on the poetic register of a new unimagined landscape, one that seeks to revert the association technology-infrastructure into technology-communication-poetics, understanding that any ecological agenda is, above all, communication at every level.

Thus, Growing energy* transforms the old autostrada into an exchange line: landscape intensifier, communication infrastructure, and event machinery.