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marcos castaings (uruguay)
‘One of nature's wonders, piezoelectricity is the phenomenon of electricity produced by the squeezing or stretching of certain materials.’

Piezoelectricity supposes a major shift in the impact of sustainable energies and the construction of landscape. The brutal infrastructural dimension of solar and eolic systems is transmuted into a subtle field condition dependent on vibration and variation. Growing energy* is thus an energy milieu, an operative field that metaphorically reconnects the notion of the traditional agricultural productive field (through the delicate waiving of flexible stalks) with state-of-the-art technologies (through the usage of wind to create piezoelectricity).

Growing energy* is based on an adaptation of the so-called ‘Windulum’ using thousands of flexible stalks of different heights and tipped with LED bulbs. That waiving energy field is complemented with yet another application of piezoelectricity in a reactive surface in the North-South carriageway.