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rufino javier hernández minguillón (spain), olatz grijalba (spain), víctor araújo (spain), iñaki mendizabal miguelez (spain), luis torres cardona (spain), claudia pennese (spain), antonio serra (italy)
The intervention is based on the use of traditional building techniques and of local materials applied in simple systems, removable and reusable, to allow flexibility and adaptability.
At the same time, new technologies for the production of renewable energy typify the park. The energetic installations have a didactic and research function and provide all the energy required by the installations of the park. The pergolas, made of photovoltaic panels and vacuum tubes, provide electricity, heat and collect rainwater for irrigation. The windmills of both vertical and horizontal axes combine to bring the production of clean energy. The transformation of energy and of the products of the park takes place in the tunnels.
The expected cost is approximately EUR 15 million for the project, plus the cost of vehicles intended for public transport (tram, cableway).
It is estimated that the intervention will generate a significant economic impact on the activities of the area.