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eric gommans (netherlands), patrick miemietz (netherlands)
The existing roadway of the Favazzina viaduct is a horizontal line between the hills integrated in the landscape as a part of the collective memory. Walls on the edges of the roadway define the park and pavilions strengthening the existing bridged landscape. Openings in the walls in combination with the viewing tower offer the intimate park great views of the area. The park, with its paths shaped as abstracted terraces and local vegetation, becomes continuous through the illuminated tunnels transforming the whole A3 into sustainable land art incorporating all viaducts and tunnels.
The ambition of the design is to create a living community in a park containing pavilions with research, tourism, a scientific library, a meeting area, public squares and so on. Visitors park the car at big access points and continue on foot or bike. At various points stairs and elevators create areas of physical interaction with the adjacent hills.