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rufino javier hernández minguillón (spain), olatz grijalba (spain), víctor araújo (spain), iñaki mendizabal miguelez (spain), luis torres cardona (spain), claudia pennese (spain), antonio serra (italy)
The project wants to create a place where the local culture intertwines with technology, designing an attractive, functional and educational place.
This is possible by enhancing the beauty of the landscape and by empowering rural activities connecting them to a touristic development.
The highway is the place for an active environmental education, connecting users, elements for energy production and activities of the territory. It is a way to allow new processes and relations between the highway - park and the local society.
The transversal connections of the highway with the whole territory are summed in the linearity of the park: spaces for the education, the research, the production are linked with the activities of the area with different intensities.
The relationships between the highway and the territory generate three typologies: expansion of the park in the areas of contact with the ground, visual contact with the territory on the viaducts, isolation in the tunnels.