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luca picardi (italy), luca valerio lonardo (italy)
In these years we are assisting at a significant new trend of tropicalization in Italy’s climate: violent rainfalls alternating to periods of estreme warm and dryness.
Landslides, loss of wooded surface,fires in natural areas, dryness are all aspects connected in the same circular process increasingly strangling Southern Italy’s regions.
The reuse of the existing infrastructures(archaeological post-fordist remainigs)that represent the inefficiency and the slowness of state burocracy in relation to the fastness of funcional obsolescence , it was for us a vision almost similar to a contemporary Grand Tour suggestion:magniloquent ruins immersed in a stunning landscape.
A scenographic highway turned into a roman aqueduct?
Not an estetic and traditional fruition but a flexible support for living activities of territorial use and education, energy and knowledge production, land protection, and alternative transport systems.A contemporary Piranesian conception.