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Our challenge is to create an operative landscape where both territory and local human resources are processed to produce energy and work thru the implementation of a do-it-yourself-philosophy (DIY).
Visitors and locals apply their skills and knowledge giving life to a new form of soft-man-made-technology: people become active part of a natural carpet process.
Our dual goal is to debunk the preconceived idea that energy arises magically from hard-industrial-big-power stations and to spread the awareness that everyone can produce energy thru man-made technology using simple natural resources.
The project develops along a didactic-social-economic pathway divided into 4 fields (DIY_AGRICULTURE, ALGAE FARM, KINETIC FIELD, SILICON ROAD). They are all equipped with tunnel-labs, educational campus and km 0 markets and interconnected thru a light monorail, a bike trail and a trekking pathway. A virtuous cycle between nature and technology is conceived to enhance a responsible social behavior.