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enrico puccini (italy), giulia materazzi (italy), paola taglioni (italy), roberta tambasco (italy)
The main design concept for the Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway transformation is inspired by the numerous tunnels present in the area. The idea is to reuse the sign of the tunnel and to exend it for all the highway. This sign will be at the same time a support for the photovoltaic panel and a rest point, where visitors can stop and watch the landscape. Thus, it will be at the same time a recover from the sun and a system for the solar energy production. This system can be modular, and improved by the costruction of new solar shelters, when needed. Led lights set in the interior part of the shelter, powered by solar energy, will be able to light all the path. At night time, all the green-way can be seen from far away, thank to the energy stored during the day. The same shelter will be extended inside the tunnel and will be furnished with all the technical facilities (light, air conditioned) in order to trasform this space into a laboratory or whathever needed for the South Solar Park.