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daniel tobon (colombia), juan jaramillo (colombia), juan gomez (colombia), luisa echeverry (colombia)
Solar park South
Energy Harvest,
Harvest of clean energy, harvest of feed, harvest of employment, harvest of sustainable tourism for the region of Calabria.

To provide a privileged position for the region as an organic food producer and as a touristic centre, having in first place the use of sustainable energy and clean production cycles.
Aesthetically, our proposal reinterpretates the landscape, the ruins (as a representation of the time pass) and the topography as fundaments of the formal development of objects and the distribution axis in the linear park.

The intervention fundaments that guarantee the use and the sustainable conscience are:

• Green Way: Public groves and gardens. Appropiation of the obsolete roadway for the communal spreading and commercialization of agricultural products.
• Aerostatics Balloons: Energy production is used for the Mediatic Tunnel illumination and self illumination. Located in the roadway periphery are visible day and night.