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reid fellenbaum (united states), amy yaskowski (united states), francesca aiello (italy)
Energy is unsustainably consumed in our societies futile resistance to decay. The decommissioned A3 highway viaducts are visibly failing. Relative to the surrounding, pervasive natural landforms, the lifecycle of the highway is diminutive & renovations will only expend excess energy & finances to prolong its inevitable failure.

Reverse the process & extract the energy that is inherently released during the process of material decay by cultivating an environment for microbial fuel cells (MFC); an emerging technology which generates sustainable energy through the microbial decomposition of organic matter. By utilizing decay, the highway will cultivate long-lasting economic, scientific, artistic & ecological benefits for the region of Calabria.

In a region where people are still strongly connected to the earth, through the seemingly timeless local industries of agriculture and fishing, the MFC system is culturally harmonious, producing sustainable, clean energy from familiar sources.