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adham selim (egypt), sherif tarabishi (egypt)
The proposal works on strengthening bond between community and development by a process of Layering, Layering can be achieved by1)Variety:Linearity of the development suggests variety with each micro-context the road penetrates.The proposal provides different consecutive experiences yet maintaining unity through framing the presence of the road and not camouflaging it, similar to a Chameleon model that is sensitive to its surrounds.2)Phasing:By facilitating gradual development on serial phases, adding a self-learning capability in the development logic.3)Preservation:Existing structures are a part of the mental image of the place, it is important to preserve and use them as a catalyst for development, by exploring the "genetic possibilities" in the existing fabric of the road and transforming them purposefully rather than challenging their existence.4)Relevance:Design morphology relates to the mythological creature Scylla, glazed tiles of the roof relate to the Fatamorgana phenomenon.