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antoine guiraud (france), sébastien causse (france), albert rolland (france), noémie collet (france)
This project is based on the reuse of a decommissioned section of the “Autostrade del
Sole “ in the region of Calabria. We propose an experimental system combining solar energy and water captation to produce hydrogen. This 8-km segment becomes a privileged observatory of the landscape, involving a Slow Park Drive, connecting Scilla and Bagnara, with an energy infrastructure and integrated optics system installed on the north to south road. Specifically, this device is implemented with solar panels aligned and inclined at 45° south-facing side. The back of this panel is in stainless steel to reflect the landscape by offering a mirror framing view to the sea to driver and passenger.

More, this project proposes different levels of intervention: from the general landscape to the nomadic and diffuse settlement involving soft mobility in respect of the environment with less impact. This architecture generates a new form of territorial appropriation.