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johan carlsson (denmark), kasper sørensen (denmark), rasa marozaite (lithuania), alejandra parraguez (denmark), petter thorne (sweden), alejandra garcia sahelices (denmark), nina rathlev andersen (denmark)
The ambition of RECO is to create a self-sufficient and energy producing social-responsible habitat. This by introducing a series of coexisting biological communities based on living relations between sustainable technological methods and natural biological processes with origin in existing organic resources from the Calabria area. Processes are based on Collecting, Transforming, Generating and Distributing. The system evolves around natural resources as sun, wind, water, waste and local flora and fauna intertwined with human resources and leading Danish know how to a sustainable and dynamic eco-economy. The output is distributed back to the park and the surrounding areas, making the Solar Park self-sufficient in energy and a rich resource for the people of Calabria in providing economic progress, natural energy and eco-social awareness as well as cultural wealth to the global society.