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petros babasikas (greece), farzad more (united states), dimitra papageorgiou (greece), dora moudatsou (greece), anthi vathi (greece), dimitra bra (greece)
1.Survey/STRUCTURAL MONTAGE: The emblematic A3 Highway is disconnected from Calabria’s local scale and coast. The project brings into it local structures, organizations and flows. It draws the surrounding territory FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF THE HIGHWAY, using infrastructure as its projective lens and datum.| PSS becomes A FUNCTION OF TIME: Highway sections are seen as rhythmic montage passages—6 territorial over 3 base sequences—fast and slow (T1.1)|| A linear, EXPANDED MAP of A3 frames this montage on the landscape. It quantifies view/visibility, solar exposure, productive/open/vague terrains, connections, distance, road/ground. Local flows (T1.2) are drawn by the map.|| 2.Preparation/FUTURE ARCHAEOLOGY: 12 point/diffuse interventions transform the A3 infrastructure/territory into an abstract object/field, devoid of meaning/function: no longer an operating highway but a WORKSITE, VACANT AREA, WEATHERED RUIN, OPEN OPPORTUNITY. These operations (T2) produce a Future Archaeology.