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chenghao zhang (united states), wenqing zhang (united states), yin yu (united states), feng zhu (united states)
Travelling along the Salerno–Reggio Calabria highway, visitors experience integrated natural environment and artistic infrastructure that make Solar Park South a memorable destination. Our proposal features a 3-kilometer non-continuous roof with 36,000 square meters of solar panels that produce peak power of 5 megawatts along the scenic highway. The collected energy fuels electric buses connecting the nearby villages along the north-south bridge, and also supplies the villages as well as proposed greenhouses and research facilities that focus on application of renewable energy. At the same time, the roof structure creates open or semi-open spaces along the pedestrian trail on the south-north bridge with two key notes of great views. Via multiple uses of solar energy, the project envisions sustainable re-uses of the decommissioned highway environmentally and economically. It also enhances connections between the villages and stimulates tourism by providing pleasurable destinations.