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beppe caturegli (italy), giovannella formica (italy), filippo soldaini (italy), fabio soldaini (italy), fiora meschi (italy), christoph radl (italy), massimo bottega (italy), francesco simonetti (italy), daniele puccini (italy)
Former highway becomes ENERGYWAY Metaphor of Human structure (skeleton) in relationship with nature
3 guidelines
RENEWABLE ENERGY workshop research + energy production site
Solar-photovoltaic pergolas and “trees”
thermodynamic plant
wind turbines under viaducts when convenient
MENTAL ENERGY cognitive study center art center defrag-meditation and antiphobia training center
video art exhibit lab in Brancato tunnel
mind lab in Catoiu/Muro open-tunnel wide openings over Mediterranean sea
birdwaching at Sfalassa bridge
PHYSICAL ENERGY sports technical installations natural park
gym trekking climbing hang-gliding parachute rope-way horse-riding
vine oil firstlings route
flora & fauna sensorial experience
EAST LANE as PEDESTRIAN PARK with bike-skating rental service
WEST (sea) LANE as LOCAL ROUTE electric shuttlle service to link ten connection points east-west lanes
RE-USE of site routes barracks & containers for the natural-park services