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boguslaw witkowski (belgium), maciej starewicz (poland), elmar hess (united kingdom)
1- Tunnels dedicated to the wind mill power generation and to the research showcase, are connected to similar installations integrated to the platforms supported by viaducts. Experimental solar light devices made of optic fibres mesh fabric will illuminate their interior spaces.
2- Reuse the N-S carriage with an added value of the piezoelectric energy floor, integrated under the circulation area of existing viaduct sections.
3- With the aim of harmonizing carriage sections carved in the sloped part of the site we propose to cover them partially with CO² green filters and on the exposed to the sun shining sections, to cover them with the optic fibre HCPV screen.
4- Wrap the viaduct structure and created lab platforms exposed to the sun, with optic fibre HCPV screen for electric power generation, and in some other parts with greenery screen to mitigate the solar heating effect.
5- Estimated cost: 40.000.000€.
6- For structure and sustainability solutions see schemes.