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zhuojian peng (united states), zhongwei li (united states), yang wang (united states)
The Light Curtain is formed with units, which consist of three components : solar panel, mirror and light, attached on a w-shaped frame. The solar panel rotates according to solar angle to achieve better solar absorption. Frequency of rotation varies, based on the complexities and budget. (The ideal solar absorption can be achieved by a sun-tracking system). On back of the solar panel attached the mirror, due to its tilted position, only soft light at sunset would be reflected, avoiding reflection of strong day light. Neon lights are beneath the mirror to create unique night scenes. Plant boxes are also attached to the frame, forming vertical green walls. The dimensions of the unit are 200cm*100cm*18cm, around $280 per each. Thanks to its simplicity and duplicability, the implementation of the installation is less budget-constraint: it can be either constructed on a piecemeal schedule, or fully completed at one time, based on the availability of funding.