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daniel azuero (colombia), tomas jaramillo (colombia), andres gutierrez (colombia), juan jaramillo (colombia)
Among all known renewable energies the most efficient and the only one of its kind capable of regenerating infinitely producing “zero environmental harm” is EDUCATION. This type of energy is an inexhaustible supply of knowledge that spreads from person to person covering vast extensions of area resulting in massive social, environmental and economical progress. This is why SOLAR PARK SOUTH should be a worldwide focal point in the development of GREEN EDUCATION. By this we mean, to edify a park where civic participation and nature are the main construction materials, as we promote that the A3 Salerno Highway between Scilla and Bagnara Calabra section transform into a Seeding Green Education Research Center. SOLAR PARK SOUTH is a place that encourages inhabitants to play a part in the construction as they have the possibility to transform it, creating an intervention Public space that belongs to everyone as it grows in relation to the appropriation of the individuals who act on it.