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tae jin ju (united states), seth duckens (united states)
The existing highway is proposed to be converted into a self-sustained green city; it will have residential, industrial, agricultural and commercial areas. It will be a large scale experiment as a wholistic approach to green living. The relationships between urban and rural, development and restraint will be explored in an ongoing dynamic process.

The centrally located residential area will contain new living spaces on the existing bridge. In the industrial area, new solar and wind power generators will be installed along with observation towers. Power generated in the area will be used in Solar Park South City and the surplus will be sold to adjacent villages. In the agricultural area, food and livestock will be cultivated by modern organic methods. In the commercial areas at the south and north ends of the highway, there will be cafes, restaurants and shops. As is the nature of a highway, the city will have a linear layout, effective for distribution and circulation.