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anna julibert foyo (spain), saida dalmau alzina (spain), carmen vilar agea (spain)
• Design this center of energy creation, in a way to be a tourist attraction point for the traveler, with good connections between the new motorway and the extensive parking areas spread throughout the Park, as well as a bus service with stops at all parking points, in a way that everyone can enjoy their available time, to visit the most interesting areas for everyone.
• Promote coexistence between the local people, mixing the entire route of the old highway with a new park like an extension of the existing environment, which mixes technology, landscape, leisure and easy vertical connections with nearby towns and the paths of the hills.
• Equipping the Park whit all those services that increase its use, as restoration, WC, tourist information office and rooms for temporary exhibitions.

To sum up, we want this Mediterranean coastline to become a scientific reference center, point of tourist attraction and a pride for the local people.
90.000 m2. Cost: 35.000.000 euros.