MARC KOEHLER ARCHITECTS home De Ruyterkade 128, 1011 AC Amsterdam
Marc Koehler, who based his design studio in Amsterdam in 2005, is involved in a wide range of activities at the intersection of architecture, communication, community and ecology. The strength of MK's studio is the capacity to connect conceptual thinking with practical reality, optimistic idealism with down to earth pragmatism. In doing so the studio is part of a new generation of Dutch architects who move the boundaries of architectural practice from within the given reality of the everyday, in dialogue with clients and stake holders. Fundamental to each MK project is an intensive context- impact analysis and the use of a scenario-based method of design-decision-making. Marc Koehler also works as a staff member and teacher at TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and is a guest teacher the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Amsterdam School of Technology. His projects and essays have been widely published and resulted in various awards.