MARC KOEHLER ARCHITECTS   De Ruyterkade 128, 1011 AC Amsterdam
House M Overgooi, Almere  
House M is a contemporary response to a changing cultural environment in the Netherlands which is characterized by a growing demand for introverted, monumental and isolated private houses. In response to this, we positioned the house as it were a wall between front and back garden, separating a very closed street facade from a very open backgarden facade. The kitchen, dining room, living room and office space are located on the ground floor in a continuous space which opens-up towards the sunny back garden. On the second floor, 3 intimate bedrooms, storage-space and a bathroom are located. On the street side, the house appears rather closed and monolithic. Two volumes reach out from this mass in an expressive way, providing the entrance and the garage space, defining the sculptural monumental image of the house as seen from the street, creating an interesting visual dialogue with the neighbouring houses built in neo-classical style.