Within the narrow space of the container Living bloom stages a symbolic landscape, an outside that changes into a domestic interior. There is no furniture and the environment is open to be interpreted according to the way its ‘inhabitantsÂ’ live in it and to the way they modify its boundaries by making individual gestures and movements. This interior landscape is related to highly representative elements which identify the space as internal, domestic: three light fittings project a fabric-like texture on the walls, and three fruit trays are arranged under their warm light and adorned with plenty of italian vegetables and fruit. The set is arranged as an implicit homage to Japan, it represents a gesture of opening and offering, thus increasing the value of the space. The concept of a modern conviviality, narrated in essential and contemporary terms, leads the design beyond all categories, trends and generalizations, thus becoming the fulcrum around which the new trend of living spins.  
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