EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 188 of 195  
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Tihana Vucic (CROATIA), Visnja Vidakovic (CROATIA), Vlatka Vidakovic (CROATIA)
We observed that connections are the most significant construction material in the world today. They have the abbility to link and to devide places. Rethinking connections, both their materialisation and definition was our main objective. Connections can be interpreted as essential behavioural process between people and as physical manifestations such as roads and fences. Focusing on immaterial connections we erased spatial limitations and placed wireless database powered by telecomunication company near Everyville. Database enables instant inputs through upload points that change apperance immediately according to participation of inhabitants. That thought alone provokes involvment in shaping enviroment. It is temporal, elusive, uncertain and simply true in the world today. It is important to find means which provoke socialability through tools whose primary funcition is clear and practical. We do not bulid, we induce participation.