EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 189 of 195  
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Yaron Kanor (ISRAEL)
Everyville is a dense city with less and less available public spaces; are there any alternative public spaces? Where will our children play? Where will the homeless sleep and the musicians play their music? Where we will demonstrate?
Everyville is a flat rooftop city. The upper plane of the city from 3rd to 7th floor is a free air rights space for the Everyville's communities. The dynamic systems of forces and flows of the cultural urban attractors are generated into a deformator, juxtaposition with street flows of people and traffic transportations.
These flows generates divergent flocking groups; tourists, families and business people. Each group emerges by a different set of human behavioral rules, and together scripted an haptic diagram of potential urban public space over the rooftops of Everyville.
This enables the opportunity for new connections and interaction between inhabitants to strengthen the local community relationship.