EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 187 of 195  
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By releasing the infrastructural tension of the city grid, this city develops parallel to the perpetuation of social suburban growth patterns. Large rings of public spaces and enclosed building spaces dance together as each encroaches and invades the other. The formal distinction between public and private, green and concrete, forbidden and permissible—the city grid—no longer exists as a mental barrier, but rather as an invitation and inspiration which nurtures new ways of thinking and growing. The dissolution of the city grid results in a rhythmic tightening and loosening motion of building density, resulting in a rich variety of spatial pockets, downplaying the traditional city center. Buildings within this dynamic urbanscape operate on a freely mobile module, resulting in limitless possibilities of categorical clusters, which replicate digital database modules found in modern technology. Functional spaces are free to grow within these clusters, holding no grid sacred whatsoever.