EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 143 of 195  
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laura pesarin (ITALIA), carola stagnotto (ITALIA), valentina sportello (ITALIA)
I imagine a city, I remember same looking houses, indistinct roads, cemented lands, the roaring silence, infinite walls.
And while I imagine all this, I give it a name: Everyville, because it has no place and no time, no past and no future, ignoring everything apart from itself, leaving no space for chances nor for confusion: a perfect aggregation of architectural elements close to one another, separated, fragmented.

A blurred hatch, whom we persist to call city, in spite of the attempt to delete its distinctive elements.
So generic that it loudly requires a definition that can specify its identity.

Is it really enough to assign an unambiguous image with the aim to return meaning and dignity to places? Or maybe it's necessary to knock down the separations that we erected and leave people to live space, filling it with life and transforming it?