EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 10 of 40
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daniele zancla candido (ITALIA)
uEveryville concept:
uEveryville has been projected to enable Public Administration in order to exercise its fundamental function of leadership and facility.“Ubiquitous Everyville” because ICT ( Information and Communication Technology) will permeate every single aspect of Everyville life, including items we would have never considered communication devices. The fundamental concept is that it will connect everyone and everything. Everyone, including the elderly and those affected with disabilities, will be able to use easily ICT. There will be an improvement in communication that will transcends generation, distance, and language. Commerce, involving product sales and services, will shift from being provider-oriented to user-oriented, based on users’ viewpoints. ICT , which strives to achieve more creative business approaches and services, as well as a new social system and values, will also transform from a standardize city into a creative one.