EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 11 of 40
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Giacca Ersilia (ITALIA), Matteo Giammartini (ITALIA), Juan López Cano (SPAIN)
An unpaved, unformed, undivided square, left to the inhabitants, future “programmers” of their city. In this way every social class will have its own space and every single group of people will be able to choose where to settle, where to root and in which way –every decision taken through a general assembly and by common consent. Only one condition: this space will be forever public, never privatized. The urban community will deliberate on this space where politic power and technicians will only mediate. The aim is to create a new idea of community, and leave to free expressive acts the conformation of a rich desert full of potentialities. A desert that, as its name indicates, will be delimited a priori, but that nonetheless will expand or move back, invading territories nowadays conceptually acquired but formally invalids, sowing the seeds for the creation of other small deserts: a series of public spaces capable to regenerate the social and environmental network of city-system.