EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 144 of 195  
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natascha eggert (GERMANY)
City growing _City in movement

City that will use standards such as sustainability_ecology_recycling_traffic reduction_common space_green space_biological architecture

City that will practice first of all participation

When BIG A turns into a multifunctional learning container

Using the pasture land for a farm-park

And SMALL B in a multifunctional office container

Using the pasture land for a technological park

City where the county takes the part of virtual cross-point

Organizing flexible opinion exchange for the project-process

City that will fix a dislocated system for public security

Using local police-stations on the territory

City that decided to place everybody BEYOND ARCHITECTURE

So that street-art sets a sign for a living community

City that makes out of participation the very sense of being

Responsible citizenship should be the image

for an organically grown urban texture