EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 68 of 195  
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lehila laconi (ITALIA)
Everyville is sad because Its childhood is not passing like the one its old Inhabitants had, whom were born in places where the technology was read in the newspapers,in places where you dreamt the future,and the children learned from nature.The commuters of Megalopolis,don’t have time to organize town meetings that make the inhabitants feel at "home".But the mayor,a wise man,understood that the time had come,to create a place in which both grown-up and children could have felt to belong to.They called an architect that explained:”In order to give an identity to E.ville I have planned a wood as natural as It can be,where each tree is named after a child and the new born-children too,inside the wood there is an observatory where you can look at the marvellous sky of E.ville.When the town will grow,the wood won't be a place suitable for an observatory because the increasing brightness will hinder the blu vision,but it will remain as a memory of the small Everyville and of Its sky”