EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 69 of 195  
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The spatiality of this city is not corrupted by the continuous transformations of reality or by an horizon of permanent modification. Everyville allows to live in a mutant territory, in a reality and in a spatial dimension subjected to fast accelerations caused by the unfolding of technologies. The city does not host an alienated community or a society which restricts itself to pretending to live, nor a “show society”, of fiction, of individuals dispossessed of their potentialities and spirituality, people who do not transfer their creativity exclusively to exchange values. The drawing describes the vision of an interior city and of an inner landscape: at first sight it is not a dispersed and an atopic city but a place which has its own identity, in which it is possible to orientate oneself and to get lost, opened to relationships and defined at the same time, flexible to inescapable developments, a concentration of qualities.