EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 154 of 195  
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Francesco Michele Brunetti (ITALIA), Eleonora Lucantoni (ITALIA), Marco Lanna (ITALIA), Marco Bartoccioni (ITALIA), Filippo Calcerano (ITALIA), Silvia Serafini (ITALIA), Simone Scuglia (ITALIA), Daniela Montalto (ITALIA)
The project is based on two principal ideas:
contemporary society’s need of communication and expression
community’s identity as whole of every inhabitant’s personality.
The result is a modular screen-city made like a texture of cube-shaped pixels as unities where all social and private activities take place. Everyone has at his disposal one or more pixels whose can customize the front choosing an image to show. So each building is characterized not by shape but just by dimension and images exposed.
Each module can be added to everyone else in a not-planned way, can be taken to pieces and contains houses and public places, so there will be an homogeneous distribution of functions.
The general purpose is to satisfy two levels of communication:
internal- each inhabitant is able to enter into visual relation with the members of his own community
external- the whole community can express its identity and feature to the rest of the world.