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Mindaugas Reklaitis (LITHUANIA), Julija Kšivickaitė (LITHUANIA), Akvile Rimantaite (LITHUANIA)
Objects' identity - Identity object
The identity cannot be CREATED; it should be DISCOVERED.
Identity MEANS ACTION, things without the action has NO SENSE. MEMORIES are made of our movements encoded in various objects.
"The eye does not see things but images of things that mean other things: pincers point out the tooth-drawer's house; a tankard, the tavern; halberds, the barracks; scales, the grocer's. Statues and shields depict lions, dolphins, towers, stars: a sign that something-who knows what?-has as its sign a lion or a dolphin or a tower or a star...If a building has no signboard or figure, its very form and the position it occupies in the city's order suffice to indicate its function: the palace, the prison, the mint, the Pythagorean school, the brothel <...> Your gaze scans the streets as if they were written pages ...However the city may really be, beneath this thick coating of signs, whatever it may contain or conceal“ [Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities, p. 13]