EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 23 of 40
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Dylan Thomas (UNITED STATES), Andrew Temples (UNITED STATES)
The Happiness Wall
We can trace unhappiness in our communities back to selfishness—a trait that is at the very root of humanity. The wall tackles the notion of inherent selfishness by cutting through the city indiscriminately and purposefully—with no consideration of the place’s inhabitants. It cuts through backyards, downtown, and along highways. It trains the citizens to be content with what they can access at the present moment. The function of the traditional fence, therefore, is completely ignored. Instead of being a barrier, it is a mechanism through which the divided halves of the city know each other. It is a concept that crosses cultures, and keeps life in equilibrium. It exposes the character of the place. Each user has his/her own agenda with the wall. A forced barrier challenges the ingenuity of the citizens. The community exists in its shared memories with the wall and its collective efforts to communicate through it.