EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 25 of 40
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Zarko Uzelac (SERBIA), Jelena Pancevac (SERBIA)
condensed experience
At first, there was the sea. Pure dispersal, a homogeneous fragmented condition. Then came anchors, forming a virtual network of points set in a perfectly arranged grid, completely ignorant of the existing city structure. The network is omnipresent. It’s mental and at the same time defined by it’s own physical constraints, the points. They confront the prevailing uncertainty of the surrounding urban fields. Now everybody finally knows where he is, as points become the ultimate signage system and the new city construction. The network doesn’t have definitive boundaries. It can spread even faster than the city itself, following it’s own internal logic and acting like an angelos of a city-to-be. Network becomes a method. Predictability of the grid is opposed to the unpredictability of it’s content, the points. At first, points are blank containers deprived of any meaning. By the time they generate meaning. They become social condensers glorifying instant communities.