EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 160 of 195  
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Christopher Bartlett (UNITED STATES)
The society of the surface started as ripples in the boundaries between civilization and nature; between reality and virtuality. Everyone sensed it; experiences and identities were being changed by materials and media; a new expression of self and of community was coming abreast with the old. With the stretch and warp of canvass, ribbons, and walls, along with the projections of a multitude of familiar and unfamiliar images artists began making aesthetic and communal explorations across a powerful institutional world that feared and resisted change. It was a world where anonymity was the crux of the powerless; the screens, like walls, protected the powerful - by separating us from them, and legitimizing their super identities. But we drew from and learned from and became driven by our relationship to the screen. We transcended the wall; deconstructed it; projected on to it; into it; and finally inhabited it. Our life between boundaries became a community without boundaries.