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roxelane-rahel güllmeister (AUSTRIA), daniel reist (AUSTRIA)
We focus on the development of parametric tools that help us to create urban geno/fields in relation to a general system applied on an individual site. The Field is defined by the composition of elements and the characteristic of the single element. We work with a system that behaves in a fractal-similar way, to be able to deal with the large urban scale. The intention is to create a variety of fields responding to general and specific parameters, local and global. Our aim was to provide an urban system which reacts to individual interests and needs. Main headers in our project are: field-interaction, accessibility, perception and orientation. The geometrical logic is based on studies concerning geno - and phenotype systems transferred into a MEL-script. An algorithm which deals with the relationship between several attraction-points, is changing the state of morphology between our genotypes.