EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 150 of 195  
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fabio rosa (ITALIA), giulia tubelli (GERMANY)
Everyville gives up the laying of the first brick and the official public presentation of itself.
A Merry-go-round and a Circus and Federico Fellini will be pull away from their natural contest to live in the plain.
The following day, a person after the other will discover its existence.
The first cars will stain theirselves with some mud of the plain because real streets that go till there don't exist yet... That Circus, that Merry-go-round have always been there, no one could still remember about them..
The City doesn't exist yet but people already start to live in it,to feel it, to perceive it...
The Merry-go-round, that overlooks the centre of the plain, is not working because this time the City will turn around it.The second day a ship of threehundred metres long, is going to sink. Its last crossing will take it to Everyville and the sky will replace the sea. To turn over it means architecture.
A train abandoned..will mean architecture