EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 12 of 195  
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Laura Ferrarello (UNITED KINGDOM), Deniz Akca (UNITED KINGDOM), Nastaran Ghaidar (UNITED KINGDOM), Rung-Jing Jou (UNITED KINGDOM), Ourania Kalomoiri (UNITED KINGDOM), Po-Huan Lee (UNITED KINGDOM), Quang Van Nguyen (UNITED KINGDOM), Georgia Tsoulou (UNITED KINGDOM), Arash Shokoofi (UNITED KINGDOM)
LONDONVILLE is a city within London, a city of individual hopes, desires, fears, laughs, worries, dreams. A program for LONDONVILLE exists along the mobile path of one of the oldest and longest bus routes in London (No 19) and turns it into a utopian, imaginary, associative and humorous narrative that interrupts the expected image of London while predicting the future and reflecting on the past of LONDONVILLE.